15 miles and an ice bath

15 mile runToday I decided to try out some of the actual London Marathon route and that went well, until it was time to turn back from Creek Road in Greenwich and come back the other way… this seems to have been a flaw in my plan as I really didn’t enjoy it and with (left this time!) buttock cramp and a blister on each foot it was a somewhat painful experience.  Nonetheless, I completed the first 7.5 miles of the route from Blackheath, over the Sun in the Sands roundabout up Shooters Hill Road, left at Charlton Park Road, which became Ha Ha Road across Woolwich Common and passed the Royal Artillery Barracks down towards the Woolwich Ferry then the long long long road from Woolwich through Charlton and into Greenwich (which is not surprisingly called Woolwich Road for most of it, until it becomes Trafalgar Road) around the Cutty Sark much to the bemusement of many tourists and to the middle of the bridge over the river on Creek Road then back again.

I found the route into Greenwich surprisingly easy, mainly flat or down hill with just a few small inclines, from my childhood memory I had though the run through Woolwich was hillier than it was which was a huge relief (on the way there, not so much on the way back) and I enjoyed seeing all the development which is taking place in the less desirable parts of Woolwich and Charlton; rather impressive I thought.

There were many people out today, enjoying the sunshine and who could blame them?  But they were not very spacially aware and I did enjoy in the road on numerous occasions to avoid them!  The hot conditions made for a very sweaty run with lots of water and gels consumed.  I did manage to keep it to just one loo stop in Greenwich which was a relief.

I think next time I will try to continue the Marathon route and see how I feel about that, something tells me I may enjoy it more, though will need to plan how I get back with the use of my oyster card !

ice bathOnce returned I finally took the good Lady Catherine’s advice and sat in a freezing cold bath for 10 whole minutes!!!!!!  It was very cold getting in, but actually once I was sitting in it (with my phone timer counting down the seconds), it wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be and most of my muscles seemed to have responded well.  The stand out let down in this is my left calf which is once again plaguing me which I simply do not have time for.  I learnt on this run today that I really need to up my fitness and core strength so am desperate to keep going with the short runs and Davina workouts, next scheduled for Tuesday.  I have stretched profusely and finally resorted to a firm foam rollering which was a huge help, I will do some more of this tomorrow morning!

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