16 miles and dancing in the street

My challenge this week was to go further along the London Marathon route from Blackheath to Rotherhithe, back to Greenwich and then take the ‘short cut’ back over Blackheath to home.  I was determined that this week I would enjoy myself and I did, until about mile 8… then I got a little fidgety, I settled down again about mile 10-12… then I had a good nose around Deptford, Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe.  I discovered that the river loop from Surrey Quays to Rotherhithe Station has been really well developed (formerly docks, where in 1838 HMS Temeraire (which played a vital role in the Battle of Trafalgar) was broken up) into leafy residential living with some very cute (former dockers) pubs and some old-school Victorian architecture.

I have still not quite finished my music playlist so had to put a ton of rock tracks into a playlist on Spotify for this excursion; it was like a walk (or run?) down memory lane… Green Day, Goldfinger, Bowling for Soup, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (of course), The Ataris, Bruno Mars, Bryan Adams, Blink 182, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and even a few upbeat tracks from the Legally Blonde soundtrack!!   Haha 😉

I set out at around 07.30am on Sunday morning and it rained for about the first hour so I ran in my beautiful [read: embarrassing] pink running rain coat *rolls eyes at self*…I even had my hood up, probably making me look like a most peculiar tortoise or something… hey ho.  I’m in the zone now of taking the High Five energy gels every 30 minutes or so (they recommend every 20 minutes but that’s a little too frequent for me), I can report that the citrus ones are by far the best, the berry are good and I like the banana one early on in the run as they feel quite ‘breakfasty’ for some reason?  (I had, had a bowl of porridge before I set out), the orange ones are gross and those other energy gels with caffeine, whilst helpful, taste to me like vomit.  Ha.  So I’m trying to avoid those.  I’m afraid though I did have to find myself a public toilet three times along this run(!) yikes!  Thankfully setting off very early meant I could use an accommodating bush when no other facilities were available.  Phew.  Thank goodness for portaloos on marathon day, is all I can say !  I’ve been told about Paula Radcliffe’s famous ‘loo incident’ (though fortunately not seen it) and whilst, I would definitely NOT go in for anything like that, I do feel sympathy for this as the running activity does seem to upset the digestive system and leads to ‘runners runs’ which is less than pleasant and fortunately (I have found) of short duration.

I have to confess (much to the horror of Yoda and Lady Catherine), I got insanely bored at about 14.5 miles and decided thence forward that I would put on my karaoke playlist and dance my way back home for the last 1.5 miles whilst singing at the top of my voice, all over Blackheath… my time was not good at all, but I made it and got it over with.   PHEW!  I promise to try harder to get a better time this weekend when I go for my 18 miles!!!   I have yet to fully plan my route but may come as far as Canary Wharf along the Marathon route this time and take the DLR/bus home… ?  Not sure if that is a good idea or not, as I know I will start to cool down and may be a little cold waiting for a bus home… but might be good to mix it up a bit I think.

I have now started planning for my last 6 weeks !!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  I cannot tell you how very excited I am that this is nearly over!  Thank goodness for that.  So I have two and a half more weeks of freedom before I enter a very Tudoresque pre marathon lock-down (in the way they would make pregnant Queens lie in a dark room for weeks on end before giving birth)… For 21st Century Jo this means:

  •    No alcohol
  •    Getting an extra 30 minutes to 1 hour of sleep per night
  •    Tapering three weeks before the race by reducing my training by c. 25% each week
  •    Resting as much as possible
  •    Carb loading two weeks before marathon day


I have therefore cancelled all social engagements in April, bar a theatrical visit to see Cats about 2 weeks before the big day.  May is going to be SUCH a good month!

I am a little frustrated this week, as I am desperate to get to the gym for some body conditioning but my find my right knee is ‘spongy’ which Yoda assures me is not a medically recognised condition, yet it does not feel quite right so I will ice it again tonight and hope for improvement.  I might just do my arms tonight, once I have baked.

I will be baking Brownies and Banana & chocolate muffins for my Marathon Bake Sale on Friday 20th March !!  Yoda and Debra have very kindly offered to do the lemon and blueberry muffins and the Vanilla Cupcakes respectively.  They will be on sale from 9am on Friday morning for £1 each, do pop by my desk and grab one early for your afternoon sugar craving!

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