A trip to Tower Bridge (and back)

tower bridgeFor my long run this Sunday I had (for me) almost perfect running conditions, it was bright and sunny but still rather cool; though I could have done without the wind to be honest but it was a close to perfect as could be in March.  I had a mini disaster the night before running – my internet stopped working(!) so I couldn’t plan my route with google maps like I usually do, so I decided I’d just refer to the marathon route and run to South Quay which was around Mile 18.  However, what I did not count on was the crazy road works around West Ferry on the Isle of Dogs which meant I took the wrong turning to South Quay and only actually managed to run about 16.7 miles and not the 18 miles I wanted to run!!!!!!!!  The good news is that I could definitely have run further and I will be much more diligent in my planning of my 20 mile route for this Sunday to make sure I smash that target, for sure.  Never mind, I did it in an okay time of about 4.5 hours and combated the boredom by spending the first half of my run listening to Boris Johnson’s book about Winston Churchill, named The Churchill Factor (I am hugely into my history, if you hadn’t already realised) and then as I started to get a bit pooped after about 12 miles, I put on my rock themes and had a little sing along.

16 7 miles to South QuayWhat did crack me up along this rather boring run was that I managed to run all the way from Blackheath all the way to Tower Bridge, only to find that in a comedy turn of events, it was UP!  I have lived in London my entire life and I have never, ever seen the bridge up in real life before.  I have no idea what was passing through but I thought it was hilarious, really made me chuckle when I got there and I surprised some other runners by actually talking to them as we were waiting for the bridge to re-open.  haha.  I felt very inspired running over such an iconic landmark and the Tower of London too… I also felt better because I could see the DLR for the first time, meaning that I was at last officially in Docklands.  Yah.  I ran along The Highway and couldn’t believe it when I recognised King Edwards’ Park but from the complete otherside, not the river where I usually go to get to it.  Soon I was on Narrow Road which is another place I know well from running, featuring not only Gordon Ramsey’s pub The Narrow but also Ian McKellen’s pub The Grapes.  I have been to the former but yet to investigate the latter unfortunately. From thence I went to get lost in West Ferry where I wandered about for ages trying to find my way towards South Quay; I ended up going up and down the ramp and roundabout until finally I ran underneath the lot and discovered car parks I never knew existed.  It was whilst trying to follow the highly masked road in the right direction that I took the wrong turn, which I only discovered later.  Damn it.

Nonetheless I enjoyed extending my run to Docklands more than I thought I would and indeed stretching on the DLR platform wasn’t so bad.  I took it back to Lewisham and then a bus home.  The only downside to this plan was that I had already cooled down quite significantly so when I did get into my cold bath I actually shivered which normally I don’t as I’m usually warmer.

All is well today, save two sore knees which are actually (according to the internet) suffering from quadriceps tendonitis… I am feeling good.  Just need to RICE the knees apparently.  You know how good I am at resting.  It’s almost as tedious as running 20 miles will be next week.  But glad to get it over with in advance for Easter Sunday so I can grab a shorter run of may be, ooooh 15 miles that day!

It wasn’t all hard work this weekend, I did manage to nab a super lush back massage on Saturday but sadly that seems like nothing more than a distant memory now… will try to book in for a full body massage after those 20 miles though!

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