Marathon Bake Sale

marathon bake sale 3Last Friday saw the first dalliance into the Great Marathon Bake Sale!  Myself, Debra and Yoda prepared a number of fine delights for our colleagues in order to raise funds for my Marathon fundraising ahead of the big race.  I decided that we could theme it around the London Marathon and have a different cake for each mile of the race and then spread the cakes out over four or five weeks, so have four or five cakes per week in the month or so leading up to the Marathon.

I googled “Marathon Parties” and Pinterest had a few fun ideas for table cloths made to look like roads so in a somewhat Blue Peter fashion that is what I sought to create.  I made some flags for each mile and type of cake from some labels and cocktail sticks and a ‘start’ sign from more labels and two straws.  It was extremely simple but looked quite fun.  We sold each cupcake and brownie for £1 each, though was told by many people that I needed to double our prices because the muffins were huge.  So may well do so this Friday if there is appetite.

We divided the cakes as follows:

Mile 1 – Best ever Brownies

Mile 2 – Blueberry and Lemon muffins

Mile 3 – Banana and chocolate muffins

Mile 4 – Vanilla cupcakes with creamy frosting


Marathon bake sale 1I was beyond surprised at how quickly they sold out, nearly everything was gone by 12:30 which was BRILLIANT and we raised a cracking £54 for towards to Marathon fundraising!  Woohoo!  In view of the success, we are thinking about another bake sale this Friday and will finalise our cakes soon.

Thank you so much to everyone who bought a cake and most especially to those wonderful ladies who have been fantastically supportive; Marvellous Debra and Yoda.

More cakes coming soon…

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