Did you say a week off!?

DSC_1002I spent this weekend in lovely Wales and decided to give myself the weekend off from running the ten miles I was supposed to run, in favour of a one mile walk through the lovely green fields (whilst safely ensconced upon a concrete path to pander to my townie ways and keep me calm even when in the presence of nature, haha).  It was wonderful to spend time there with such lovely friends, just what I needed.  I am finding this winding down to the marathon (“tapering”) rather boring and laborious.  Indeed as both the Paris and Brighton Marathons have been and gone (I now know people who have run both this year…) I find myself wishing that the London Marathon was this weekend, just to get it over with as I’m not finding any interest in the shorter runs or body conditioning training and just getting a little bit unnecessarily nervous.  Though I have already run the majority of the marathon route at different points, (possibly excluding only a few bits in Canary Wharf that were main roads you could not run down without them being closed to traffic) so I’m hoping that will give me an advantage over myself psychologically, in knowing that I have already done this loads of times so can definitely do it again, no problem.  The other concern, which I’d never really considered when training, is now the weather.  You think about injuries, icing and resting knees and ankles, building core strength and quad muscles; you don’t think “oh I hope we don’t have a heat-wave in April” because that would be a ridiculous thing to worry about, wouldn’t it?  And yet… have you looked out of the window this week or even been outside to enjoy that on-tap vitamin D?  It is a concern.  I like it cool and bright, not hot and humid.  This will make my time slower and just unnecessarily prolong the process.  Yawn.

Hey ho, we are in the final furlong now and I am counting down the days, it is actually now only 9 daysuntil the London Marathon.  Next Wednesday I am off to the Expo, which I foolishly thought was nothing more than a glorified registration for the race and collection of my number and time chip; I have now discovered there are hundreds of stalls there for sports clothes, brands and even goodie bags.  It is not going to be the 30 minute dash to the ExCel Centre that I was expecting.  So now it will have to be after work.  Sigh.

I am now thinking about such things are sunglasses, which hadn’t occurred to me before… and making sure I have enough high five energy gels for the big day!  Yay!  Nearly there…BRING IT ON, I am so over this training malarkey!

The BIG and very IMPORTANT news is… drum roll please… I HAVE REACHED MY FUNDRAISING TARGET!  Hooray!!  And in fact, I have about £200 over my fundraising target which is AM-AZ-ING !!!!!!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to my fund-raising, it is so incredibly appreciated, I simply cannot thank you enough!  I will be celebrating the impending marathon with a delicious last minute cake sale next week.

This weekend I will be running 6 or 7 miles and getting my last full body massage before race day!  Woohoo! #gettingexcited

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