London Marathon – DONE!

 Well it has been a huge journey from couch potato to marathon finisher but here we are.  I cannot lie to you, as a non-runner it was horrendous (in the main part).  Six months of training outside through the delightful English winter months in ice and wind for hours, eating differently, virtually no drinking (4 […]

Week five, living in my own TV hell

Well, here we are at the beginning of week five and it hasn’t been the best start to the week with illness preventing running on Monday (forcing me brutally off kilter for the rest of the week), I ended up in the gym yesterday lunch time.  Still not feeling 100% I crammed my way in […]

Goodbye week three and Hello Pudsey Bear!

 So here we are at the end of week three and I feel like things are going well.  I have established a consistent routine and continously improved my fitness level and weight loss which is good.  I feel though (somewhat scarily) that it is probably time to up the bar a little in terms of […]

Week Three begins but the ladies are poorly-sick… boooo

Sadly my lovely training partners Faye and Catherine were a little poorly-sick today so there was no rowdy banter to get me through the first session of week THREE!  I wish them a very speedy recovery and hope we’ll be hitting the road again very soon! (Wednesday?) However, following my overwhelming success (as I see it) of […]

The Curious Incident of Jo on the treadmill

After a slightly shaky start on Tuesday, week Two went surprisingly well.  My second run on Thursday with the lovely Catherine was actually very good as I tried to focus on my breathing; as in how to breath most effectively in order to get the oxygen around my body as I ran.  Somehow this has […]

This sh*t just got serious…

Yup today things became officially ‘serious’ with my first foray into the world of the gym for quite some time [read: about six months] I was very lucky to be in the safe hands of trainer (and fellow London Marathon runner) Luke (posing with me left) who was naturally slightly confused at the concept that […]

Faye is my Yoda

 Yesterday I had my second training session and do you know what?  Something strange happened… I actually sorta, almost, enjoyed it !!  I know, I know… but in fairness it was lovely and sunny (as opposed to the dreadful grey rain experienced on Wednesday) and I felt pretty damn amazing about the fact that, (though […]

the abject comedy of Trainer shopping…

Going shopping for expensive ‘proper’ running trainers in what the layman might think of as a ‘posh’ running shop for expert runners appeared at first somewhat daunting.  If it were not for the great efforts of my fabulous friend Catherine (London Marathon surviver 2014), I’m not sure I would even have crossed the threshold of […]