Music + Rain = Faster Jo – 20 miles in the rain 4hr47 BOOM!

As you are probably aware on Sunday we experienced a so called angry low according to the wonderful people at BBC Weather… this transpired to be virtually unrelenting wind and rain by the bucketful.  As I was running along Victoria Embankment at about mile seventeen, I realised that I could no longer feel my hands, […]

A trip to Tower Bridge (and back)

For my long run this Sunday I had (for me) almost perfect running conditions, it was bright and sunny but still rather cool; though I could have done without the wind to be honest but it was a close to perfect as could be in March.  I had a mini disaster the night before running […]

16 miles and dancing in the street

My challenge this week was to go further along the London Marathon route from Blackheath to Rotherhithe, back to Greenwich and then take the ‘short cut’ back over Blackheath to home.  I was determined that this week I would enjoy myself and I did, until about mile 8… then I got a little fidgety, I […]

Everything BUT training….

Okay, okay… I confess it, I have been utterly disgraceful and shamelessly gave into the festive fun in the last two weeks of December (as I became increasingly inundated) with the usual rounds of pre-Christmas parties, dinners and drinks; achieving very little training the process, save only a couple of less than productive gym sessions. […]

Chilly & hungover 8 mile run

So, I think I finally understand what it is people love about this running and fitness business… and it’s not the toned physique and additional energy you have when inflicting such a training programme upon oneself.  No indeed, for my money the reason has to be NO FOOD GUILT.  As someone who has always had […]

Solo run with spectacular views

                  Yesterday I was faced with the shocking reality that today I would have to face that 5k / 3.4 mile run outside ALONE! Just four weeks ago that would have been absolutely unthinkable, however contrary to even my own expectation, I was rather less daunted than […]

Week Three begins but the ladies are poorly-sick… boooo

Sadly my lovely training partners Faye and Catherine were a little poorly-sick today so there was no rowdy banter to get me through the first session of week THREE!  I wish them a very speedy recovery and hope we’ll be hitting the road again very soon! (Wednesday?) However, following my overwhelming success (as I see it) of […]

The Curious Incident of Jo on the treadmill

After a slightly shaky start on Tuesday, week Two went surprisingly well.  My second run on Thursday with the lovely Catherine was actually very good as I tried to focus on my breathing; as in how to breath most effectively in order to get the oxygen around my body as I ran.  Somehow this has […]