Training just got Spa-tastic

Following the Hampton Court Half Marathon on Sunday I’ve been walking like a granny for three days with very sore shoulders, so after a huge amount of stretching I decided to give in a book a full body massage with my favourite local salon the Greenwich Clipper.  Sadly my usual lovely lady Nicola was injured […]

King’s College Marathon Session

Being myself a complete novice in the area of running, training, exercise in general; I knew not what to expect from a Marathon Training session with my King’s College running team mates (now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d have occasion to use!)  It is true that we do have a Facebook page to […]

Week Eleven – Ice ice baby!

I’d like to thank the marvellous Lady Catherine for my brilliant blog title this week, as we discussed my injury whilst I sat knee elevated and iced.  I ran home from work last night (5.2 miles) from Docklands via the Island Gardens to Greenwich foot tunnel (quite an eye opener I can tell you…) and […]

Everything BUT training….

Okay, okay… I confess it, I have been utterly disgraceful and shamelessly gave into the festive fun in the last two weeks of December (as I became increasingly inundated) with the usual rounds of pre-Christmas parties, dinners and drinks; achieving very little training the process, save only a couple of less than productive gym sessions. […]

Yoda to the rescue!

So today I’ve had a rather sore back and in an effort to avoid the terror of another visit to the evil [read: amazing] sport masseuse so soon after the last, I was determined to take advice on dealing with this.  After discussions with Lady Catherine who advised a river run was not a good […]