London Marathon – DONE!

 Well it has been a huge journey from couch potato to marathon finisher but here we are.  I cannot lie to you, as a non-runner it was horrendous (in the main part).  Six months of training outside through the delightful English winter months in ice and wind for hours, eating differently, virtually no drinking (4 […]

Did you say a week off!?

I spent this weekend in lovely Wales and decided to give myself the weekend off from running the ten miles I was supposed to run, in favour of a one mile walk through the lovely green fields (whilst safely ensconced upon a concrete path to pander to my townie ways and keep me calm even […]

A trip to Tower Bridge (and back)

For my long run this Sunday I had (for me) almost perfect running conditions, it was bright and sunny but still rather cool; though I could have done without the wind to be honest but it was a close to perfect as could be in March.  I had a mini disaster the night before running […]

The Incredible Pink Flash

Today I took my first run since the Hampton Court Half Marathon and have been DREADING IT !!!!  OMG, trying to persuade myself that I WANTED to go for a run was unbelievably hard work and getting out of bed into the cold was almost impossible.  However, I took the precaution of packing a (slim-line […]

14 shades of pain…

Sunday saw my longest run yet as I upped the ante from 12 miles to 14 miles.  I am playing a game of physiological warfare with myself, whereby if I think I can do, I always can but if I doubt myself I’m finished.  So ahead of my Half Marathon this weekend I decided to make […]

Did someone say karaoke run?

As I have been extending my training runs I seem to have developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with (for me) long distance running… I know 11 miles isn’t actually that far in the scary world of long distance running, but for a novice such as I, getting into double figures is some achievement […]