16 miles and dancing in the street

My challenge this week was to go further along the London Marathon route from Blackheath to Rotherhithe, back to Greenwich and then take the ‘short cut’ back over Blackheath to home.  I was determined that this week I would enjoy myself and I did, until about mile 8… then I got a little fidgety, I […]

7 miles in 1hr45 ! WOOHOOO!!

So here we are at the beginning of week twelve and I had a brilliant run on Sunday, or as it will be known for the next 3.5 months… ‘my long run day’… It was a beautiful sunny morning, slightly chilly to start with but I soon warmed up!  I managed to jog the entire […]

Week Eleven – Ice ice baby!

I’d like to thank the marvellous Lady Catherine for my brilliant blog title this week, as we discussed my injury whilst I sat knee elevated and iced.  I ran home from work last night (5.2 miles) from Docklands via the Island Gardens to Greenwich foot tunnel (quite an eye opener I can tell you…) and […]

A beautiful Saturday morning run through Royal Greenwich

 I am still in shock to be honest, but it is true that this morning I jumped out of bed donned my running gear and startled passers-by on a run from Lee High Road, over Blackheath, down to the Cutty Sark, along the river to the Trafalgar pub and back again.  7.9k in total, though […]

Jojo’s found her mojo

  Following my pretty dreadful time on Tuesday I felt that I had a deficit and really needed a good run today, to put me back on track. Fortunately Lady Catherine was on hand to provide inspiration and support, helping me to find my mojo again with a lovely river run. The weather was as fine […]