Music + Rain = Faster Jo – 20 miles in the rain 4hr47 BOOM!

As you are probably aware on Sunday we experienced a so called angry low according to the wonderful people at BBC Weather… this transpired to be virtually unrelenting wind and rain by the bucketful.  As I was running along Victoria Embankment at about mile seventeen, I realised that I could no longer feel my hands, […]

Everything BUT training….

Okay, okay… I confess it, I have been utterly disgraceful and shamelessly gave into the festive fun in the last two weeks of December (as I became increasingly inundated) with the usual rounds of pre-Christmas parties, dinners and drinks; achieving very little training the process, save only a couple of less than productive gym sessions. […]

Solo run with spectacular views

                  Yesterday I was faced with the shocking reality that today I would have to face that 5k / 3.4 mile run outside ALONE! Just four weeks ago that would have been absolutely unthinkable, however contrary to even my own expectation, I was rather less daunted than […]

The Curious Incident of Jo on the treadmill

After a slightly shaky start on Tuesday, week Two went surprisingly well.  My second run on Thursday with the lovely Catherine was actually very good as I tried to focus on my breathing; as in how to breath most effectively in order to get the oxygen around my body as I ran.  Somehow this has […]