16 miles and dancing in the street

My challenge this week was to go further along the London Marathon route from Blackheath to Rotherhithe, back to Greenwich and then take the ‘short cut’ back over Blackheath to home.  I was determined that this week I would enjoy myself and I did, until about mile 8… then I got a little fidgety, I […]

King’s College Marathon Session

Being myself a complete novice in the area of running, training, exercise in general; I knew not what to expect from a Marathon Training session with my King’s College running team mates (now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d have occasion to use!)  It is true that we do have a Facebook page to […]

First 10 mile run

 This Sunday I completed my first 10 mile run which was by far the furthest I’ve gone by about 2 miles.. it was tough after about 5 miles as all I could think about was chocolate about a mile.. haha.  I think I could really have done with a nice sugar burst, so might have […]

7 miles in 1hr45 ! WOOHOOO!!

So here we are at the beginning of week twelve and I had a brilliant run on Sunday, or as it will be known for the next 3.5 months… ‘my long run day’… It was a beautiful sunny morning, slightly chilly to start with but I soon warmed up!  I managed to jog the entire […]

Week Eleven – Ice ice baby!

I’d like to thank the marvellous Lady Catherine for my brilliant blog title this week, as we discussed my injury whilst I sat knee elevated and iced.  I ran home from work last night (5.2 miles) from Docklands via the Island Gardens to Greenwich foot tunnel (quite an eye opener I can tell you…) and […]

First run of 2015

It’s been an exciting start to the year as I’ve been planning my next four months of training, menus and theatre trips (of course!).  I went for my first run of the year this morning, and took in a rather dull overcast day (though the forecast had promised me sunshine!) as I jogged across Blackheath, […]

Chilly & hungover 8 mile run

So, I think I finally understand what it is people love about this running and fitness business… and it’s not the toned physique and additional energy you have when inflicting such a training programme upon oneself.  No indeed, for my money the reason has to be NO FOOD GUILT.  As someone who has always had […]

Week Seven – progress and planning…

Finally I have got over the pain of Sunday’s 10k and thought it prudent at this moment to review progress so far and plan my next move. Positives to take away from the race on Sunday: 1) I finished 2) I did not finish last 3) I completed the race in under my expected time (actual […]

Wobbly STILL hates running…even after 10k

  As ever, I am going to be brutally honest which may be tough reading for some.. but here we go (look away now if of weak disposition).  Today’s Regents Park 10k was everything I HATE about running… it was; wet, cold, boring (3 laps of the dullest parts of the park) and packed to […]

Week six leading up to my first “proper” race….

So this week I have been trying not to go too mad on the distance as it’s finally time to face up to the fact that, yes I am actually doing the Regents Park 10k on Sunday!  Yikes! I’m fairly confident as it is only 6 miles (only… I love the way I say that […]